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Ellen 1 - Chemo Side Effects 0

This afternoon I was sitting here eating a grapefruit, watching the kids play outside in the sunshine and smiling at Imogen.  Is this normal? 

My first round of chemotherapy has been pretty uneventful so far - and I'm very happy about this, it's remarkable, in fact!  I've had some minuscule queasiness (far less than first trimester morning sickness) and a little dip in my appetite.  My best guess is that my particular cocktail of anti-nausea meds is just what the doctor ordered - well, at least I hope she did - as they are definitely working for me.  Add to this the fact that life is just far too busy with the kids...I mean, who has time for side effects with 3 under 5?  Sheesh!  This weekend was a typically normal one of breaking up fights, cleaning up spilled food and trying to get the kids to nap.  While my husband did that, I took care of the baby! 

Now, I'm certain the actual chemo drugs are in there doing battle with the cancer nasties as I type th…

Isn't this a treat?

Things are moving muito rapido, just how I like it!

The plan is to attack the cancerous cells with chemotherapy in hopes of (1) shrinking the tumour to a more manageable size prior to surgery and (2) ridding my body of any "rogue" cancer cells that may be hiding out elsewhere.  I'm to have 8 cycles of chemo, each treatment spaced 3 weeks apart.  This will take approximately 6 months. 

The puck drops tomorrow (Thursday).  Wish it were game 7 already instead of game 1 but I'm just happy to have made it to the playoffs.  After chemo cycles have wrapped up, I may require surgery and possibly radiation therapy, depending on how the tumour responds to the chemo.  Hopefully it will be game over for the cancer after all of that - I know I'll be glad to retire my cancer jersey!

Side effects of my particular cocktail of chemo drugs MAY include, but are not limited to:

1. fatigue
2. nausea
3. hair loss (2-3 weeks after the first treatment)
4. the giggles (ok, I…

Diagnosis, psychosis and a little self-hypnosis

I found a small, pea-sized lump in my left breast at the start of 2011.  An ultrasound showed that the breast was fibrocystic - non-cancerous cysts, and nothing to worry about.  In June 2011 I became pregnant with our third child and asked my physician if the lump would affect breastfeeding, to which she replied, no.  She advised that the lump would grow with the pregnancy due to hormonal changes, so I was not surprised when it did just that.  Several weeks in to my third trimester however, the breast itself started to change shape and seemed to be getting smaller while my right breast, in anticipation of a newborn's arrival, was growing steadily.  It was right, and the other was wrong, so wrong!  After consciously ignoring this (la la la, I can't hear you!) for about a month, I finally requested a follow up ultrasound.  This time a solid mass was detected, so a biopsy was ordered.  I was 38 week pregnant at the time, and although we'd hoped to have it done be…

Foreword (if I may be so)

So you've found my blog!  This both comforts and alarms me.  Comfort in knowing that friends and family can keep current on "this cancer thang".  Alarming in that so many eyes have suddenly turned towards me.  Those who know me well know that I am more of a wallflower; I prefer to sit back, watch and listen to others, diverting any and all attention away from myself (aside from the occasional, uncontrollable punny outburst).

Why then a public blog?  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was touched and torn by how many women have shared their cancer journeys through blogs.  They inspired me to, as my brother coined it, "take the bull by its horns".  I was, however, surprised at how few breast cancer diagnoses were made during or just following a pregnancy.  It became very evident that this particular niche was a small one, and one deserving of some attention.  And it occurred to me that there must be other newly diagnosed mums with newborns …

Technology is fun. Ellen is awesome.

Hi all,

My name is Nicole and I'm a friend of Ellen's. This little blog will give Ellen a chance to update all the wonderful people in her life on herself, her amazing family, and her fight with breast cancer.

Ellen is an incredible woman and an amazing mom and I know we all want to hear how she is doing. I'll try to keep everyone up to date when Ellen is too busy raising her munchkins or at appointments.

Feel free to comment on any post, it is a great way for Ellen to see how loved she is and how many people are in her corner.

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If you have any difficulties viewing anything let me know and I'll take care of it.