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An Unexpected Journey

Preamble ramble
This is a big post for me, which is why it took so long to materialize.I can’t recall if I’ve ever commented on my writing process, but I typically pour out my posts in one fell swoop as soon as a theme enters my head.It has never taken a great deal of effort or time to record my thoughts, and I look forward to the moment inspiration strikes, always late-evening, well after the sun and our kids have gone to bed.
I’d intended to do a post-rads update in February, sort of a “and that’s a wrap” summary of my active treatment phases.I eagerly awaited the moment when my mind would open up and release its inner goings on.Much to my dismay, February came and went and inspiration was nowhere in sight.I felt a multitude of words pressing on my brain, itching to escape, but a cloud as thick as mud kept pushing them back in.I knew something was amiss as my passion for writing had never before felt like work.This is when I recognized that one of two things was happening: either my m…